Exploit Your Power Postures

Computer vision tracking for pose assessments.

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AI empowered human pose estimation models


Healthy Productive Sitting. Premium Wellbeing for Employees, Coders, Gamers.


Precise and Powerful Practices. Cutting-edge Ball-Sport Coaching.


Anti-fatigue and Non-drowsy Driving. Next-generation Perception System.


Camera Based Assessments

  • Zero Wearables. Zero Sensors. Zero Equipment. Track and automatically analyse the human posture without interfering.
  • Use your laptop or external camera.
  • Upload an existing recording.

Comprehensive Muskoskeletal Analysis

  • Zero Manual Input. Zero Reporting Sheets. Turn on your camera and improve your Wellbeing through postural Feedback.
  • Injury likelihood estimation.
  • Identify weaknesses and body power poses.
  • AI powered monitoring and notifications.

Enhanced Professional Feedback

  • Customised physical solution with best-in-class advisors.
  • Advanced assessment with directional guidance on what to focus on.
  • Tailored solution verified on different situations and on intended purpose.

Our Team

NITCAI is formed by a multidisciplinary group of specialists in the latest Computer Vision and Deep Learning technologies.

Ruth Gamero
Juan Gómez
Emilio Soria
Marcelino Martínez
Joan Vila
Javier Cuadra
Juan Camisón